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    Enrollment for Summer 2017 Courses Opening in March
    Posted on 02/27/2017

    Free Summer Career and Technical Courses

    In our summer Skills Center program, we provide free career and technical education (CTE) courses to incoming 9th - 12th graders.  In these courses, students take a CTE introductory course and earn at least .5 credits, or even a full CTE credit, depending on the schedule. 

    We encourage our incoming 9th graders to consider taking one of our many summer courses or our “9th Grade Advantage” course. This course is specially designed to prepare 8th graders for high school in the summer before they enter 9th grade. With the new Washington State 24 credit high school graduation requirements, it will be helpful for 9th graders to use this opportunity to begin earning credits before they even begin high school.

    Summer Skills Center Schedule:

    July 5 – July 28
    11 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.
    Monday – Friday

    Summer Program Courses

    Open to incoming 9th graders to 12th graders.
    Earn .5 high school CTE credit:

     9th Grade Advantage, (The “9th Grade Advantage” course will help prepare incoming 9th graders for high school, and includes training in computer literacy, introduction to career options, time to focus on their High School and Beyond Plan, and a chance to earn a .5 HS CTE credit.  Will include field trips to businesses in Seattle representing a wide range of industries and careers.  This course is intended to give students a jumpstart to being “Seattle Ready.”)

    Intro to Career Choices, grades 10-12 (introduction to career options, computer skill, and work on High School and Beyond Plan.)

    Intro to Aerospace Science and Technology (Aerospace/aircraft manufacturing)

    Intro to Automotive Technology (Vehicle maintenance)

    Intro to Computer Applications (Microsoft Office applications IE: Word, Excel, etc.)

    Intro to Construction Trades (Building tiny houses, carpentry, tool skills)

    Intro to Culinary Arts (Food preparation)

    Intro to Digital Animation and Game Design (“AIE CyberCamp”: 2D and 3D animation and game design)

    Intro to Engineering (Problem-based learning, modeling with materials and computer software)

    Intro to Firefighting & Emergency Medical Services (Firefighting and EMS/ambulance/first response)

    Intro to Graphic Arts (Computer-based design and production)

    Intro to Maritime Science (Maritime/vessel manufacturing)

    Intro to Medical Careers (Broad spectrum of medical careers basic skills)

    Intro to Multimedia Broadcasting (Radio and digital media, on- and off-air operations)

    Intro to Maritime Operations (working on ships, ferry boats, fishing industry)

    Intro to Interactive Media Arts and Technology (Prepares students to apply artistic, technical principles to the communication of information and ideas through the use of multi-media technology)

    Intro to Teacher Academy: Careers in Education (Provides opportunities for students to get experience working in classrooms and prepares them for success in post-secondary teaching programs and careers)