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    Seattle Public Schools Celebrates Washington Career and Technical Education Month
    Posted on 02/15/2019
    CTE Presenters

    Students and teachers in the career and technical education programs in Seattle Public Schools are celebrating Washington Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month throughout February.

    The month-long celebration emphasizes the role of career and technical education in the future career success of students and its importance to their academic achievement.

    Currently, approximately 12 percent of high school students in Seattle Public Schools participate in a career and technical education program. These students have an opportunity to explore career options in more than 300 courses, earn advanced diplomas, and receive college credit.

    Career and technical education is a planned program of courses and standards that begins with exploration of career options, supports academic and life skills, and enables achievement of high academic standards, leadership development, and preparation for career and college. A sequence of courses can provide students with employability skills for internships, apprenticeships, preparation for industry certification, and pursuing career options in college.

    Through career and technical education, students explore and prepare for career opportunities and learn how other education disciplines are applied in real-life. Students gain leadership skills through activities in their classrooms and participation in career and technical student organizations (CTSOs).

    CTE prepares students to succeed in high demand occupations in a highly competitive economy by helping them gain 21st century skills and thereby giving students the tools to compete in the global economy.

    The video below showcases career connected learning in action across the district’s CTE programs.

    Watch the video on YouTube

    CTE Students Share Their Experiences at School Board Meeting

    At the Feb. 6 School Board meeting, several students and educators representing CTE presented their success through such programs as marketing, nursing, business management, and hospitality. West Seattle High School senior Michael Adams shared the benefit of the intensive curriculum in her nursing course, “I’ll be able to work as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) right out of school!” At the conclusion of the presentations, David Watkins, representing the Marriott Hotel industry partner, gifted $4,500 to Chief Sealth High School’s Academy of Hospitality to support future programming.

    Healthcare, IT, and skilled trades jobs are among the high demand careers in Seattle. Starting soon, Seattle Public Schools CTE will launch pathway programs in these career areas and prepare students for in-demand jobs by providing hands-on professional training, certification, and dual-credit where possible.

    Learn more about Seattle Public Schools' Career and Technical Education Program.