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    Summer 2020 Skills Center Application Has Closed

    The Summer Skills Center course application closed June 19. All courses have been filled.

    The Seattle Skills Center is offering our usual summer Career Connected Learning skills courses, but this summer we will use remote learning! Because this will be different than previous summers, we have included a lot of details below that you need to read before you commit to taking one of our Skills Center courses.


    Schedule: Classes run from Tuesday, July 7 to Friday, July 31, from 11 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., Monday through Friday, for a total of 19 days.

    Credit: Students can earn a .5 High School Career and Technical Education credit towards their graduation requirement.

    Who can participate? All high school students; incoming 9th grade students (this year's 8th graders) up to returning 12th grade students. Priority will be given to 11th and 12th grade students who need CTE credit to graduate on time.

    What you learn: Students build skills that will help them prepare for college and career. Students learn a range of technical "hard" skills related to a career path while building their 21st century "soft" skills.

    Course descriptions: To get an idea of the content of courses this summer, check out our course descriptions from last summer. Please know that this summer will be a little different since courses will be taught through remote learning. Read more about summer Skills Center courses.

    Grading, Tardies, and Absences: The grading and absences procedure for summer is still being determined, and will be posted on the Skills Center web page and emailed to students registered for our classes.

    Class time: Class will be a total of about four (4) hours and 15 minutes per day. Students must participate in two remote lessons or meetings per day, one at the beginning of class, and one at the end of class. These will be on Teams or Zoom and will be between 45 minutes and 60 minutes each. Students will have about two (2) hours of independent work or tasks to complete in between these lessons/meetings. Students may be required to use email, Schoology, Flipgrid, etc. to share their work with their instructor or classmates. Teachers can provide support for students who need help during independent work.

    Student Commitment: To earn credit and a grade, students must attend and participate in the remote lessons/meetings, and do the independent tasks that are assigned. Not participating, not attending, or not doing the independent work may result in not getting the credit. Having a growth mindset, trying your best and being a consistent, thoughtful, and reliable learner and classmate and engaging in all aspects of the class will help you earn credit for the class.

    Space: We can take 20 students per class, and we anticipate these classes filling and having waitlists, so if you don't think you want to commit to this class, please consider some of the other options this summer so that you don't take a spot that someone else would have wanted. In some cases, we have multiple teachers for a course, so we'll have room for more than 20 students (for example Culinary Arts).

    Possibility of in-person instruction: While we assume that we won't have any in-person instruction for our July courses, if we are allowed to have small groups gather by the end of July, we will work with state and district leaders to consider if and how we able to do this (for example, it may be possible to have some group project or skills testing in the last week of classes)

    Internships: To learn more and apply for an internship: Apply for Internships.
    Contact Kathryn Searle for more information about internships:

    In-person classes and internships: Depending on directives regarding in-person instruction from Governor Inslee and other leaders, more Skills Center classes may become available, including the possibility of a maritime seafaring class or other internships. We will advertise these as soon as we have more information. Watch our webpage for more information.

    Repeating Courses: You may not take a course you have already taken. If you took a course last summer, you may not take the same course this summer, but you can choose a new course.

    Canceled/Combined Classes: Classes may be canceled due to enrollment numbers. If your selected class/location is canceled you will be notified and given the opportunity to select another class if you choose.

    Credit and Grading:

    • Credit: Upon completion with a passing grade, a student will receive .5 CTE (Occupational Education) credit.
    • Grading, Tardies, and Absences: The grading and absences procedure for summer is still being determined, and will be posted on the Skills Center web page and emailed to students registered for our classes. Please note that frequent, excessive tardies may affect your grade, which could result in zero credit.