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    Unit 6 UX Design

    Plan, create, edit, and publish a basic website.

    • Plan and create a basic website of multiple pages that includes hyperlinks.
    • Apply principles of good design in the website.

    Develop an awareness of digital and collaborative technologies.

    • Explore, identify, and discuss emerging technologies.
    • Utilize document sharing and collaborating (Google Docs, Dropbox, Windows Live).
    • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Storage and computing.
    • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using social networking, blogs, vlogs, Wikis, video conferencing, podcasting, RSS feeds, and webinars.

    Create a digital portfolio adhering to copyright and Fair Use Guidelines of the student’s best work.

    • Include 2D raster and vector digital graphics.
    • Include animation sequences.
    • Include digital video.
    • Include digital audio.
    • Include cross-curricular content (optional)

    Output portfolio projects to an appropriate delivery medium.

    • Determine if appropriate for Computer-Based delivery (CB).
    • Determine if appropriate for Web-Based delivery (WB).
    • Determine if appropriate for delivery using DVD, Blue-Ray, MP3 Players, tablets, cell phones, and other portable digital devices.