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    Sound engineers and sound designers play an important role in creating the music we stream, video games we play, and films we watch. There’s nothing passive about audio production. Sound engineers and designers use cutting-edge tools and technologies to produce audio that enthralls and entertains us in a variety of ways.  Digital Audio Prduction is constantly changing to keep up with consumers and their media, and there’s a real need for creative minds with the skill and energy to produce audio content.

    Digital Audio Production Salaries on the Rise

    Careers in digital audio production will see a job growth rate between a 6% and 9% through the year 2022. As the motion picture and video industries and the marketing and advertising industries grow, the demand for quality sound designers will also grow. They are an essential part of creating a high-quality video or game.


    Digital Audio Production Careers

    Sound Designers and Sound Effects Editors are responsible for providing the sound for screen action. The first task for Sound Designers is to identify the three main kinds of sound effects needed. These may be gunshots, clocks, doors closing, dog barking (spot effects) or rain, wind, traffic, birdsong (atmosphere effects). There are also specialist sound design effects such as dinosaurs, aliens, spaceships or computers. Sound Designers source these different sounds and often create and record original new material. They spend time manipulating the original recordings using synthesizers, samplers and audio plug-ins. This is a highly creative, experimental job.

    Audio engineers work with the technical aspects of sound during the processes of recording, mixing, and reproduction. Audio engineers often assist record producers and musicians to help give their work the sound they are hoping to achieve. For example, an audio engineer will piece together parts of a song, use auto-tune on a recording, and/or add synthetic sounds to a track. Audio engineers are different from producers. However, some audio engineers go on with their careers to double as producers or assume the role of producer.

    Does this sound like you?

    • I am passionate about sound, film, and music.
    • I like to combine creativity with technical skills.
    • I enjoy collaboration and working as part of a team.
    • I have a good understanding of acoustics.

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