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    Summer Skills Center Course Descriptions

    Note for Summer 2020: Please know that this summer will be a little different since courses will be taught through remote learning.


    Family Health
    Family Health is a .5 credit class that will focus on making choices for a healthy lifestyle.  It is designed to help prepare students for life-long problem solving, critical thinking and management skills related to health and wellness issues impacting individuals and families. Topics include wellness, CPR/AED training, fitness and nutrition, mental health, substance abuse, relationships, human sexuality, and other current health and wellness issues. Students will be expected to apply practical health information to their everyday lives. Students will receive their CPR/AED certification upon completion.

    Intro to 360 Video
    Explore how to create immersive 360 video that allows the viewer to be situated in the story. Students interested in virtual reality,  film or animation production will create a short videos that allow them to learn more about this emerging medium, and gain experience with creative software while learning 21st-century skills necessary for success in this new industry.

    Intro to Aerospace Technology
    Seattle is home to the world's greatest aircraft company and many of its supporting industries. In this course students will learn how to build, service, and modify aircraft and aircraft components. 

    Intro to Automotive Technology
    Learn basic vehicle maintenance and safety requirements in the automotive industry. Students will participate in hands-on learning, field trips, and guest speakers from related industries.

    Intro to Computer Animation (Cyber Camp)
    Learn about digital art, animation, and gaming at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment! Get acquainted with C programming and create a simple video game in Unity.

    Intro to Construction Trades
    This course covers both residential and commercial construction with an emphasis on job site safety. Students will focus on employability skills, problem-solving, trainability, team building, and will work on a tiny house for the homeless.

    Intro to Culinary Arts
    Learn various cooking techniques during hands-on food production labs. Increase your knowledge of the culinary industry, learning about various occupations within this broad area.

    Intro to Engineering
    Prepare for a hands-on opportunity for students to explore problem-solving skills. Students work from sketching simple geometric shapes to applying a solid modeling computer software package.

    Intro to Firefighting & Emergency Medical Services
    This course introduces students to careers as firefighters and other emergency services careers. It includes instruction in firefighting equipment operation and maintenance, and principles of fire science.

    Intro to Graphic Arts
    This course serves as a fusion between technical skill and graphic mastery. Students will learn how to use the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign) effectively and learn to apply the principles of graphic design to a variety of print-based graphic design projects. 

    Intro to Horticulture
    This course introduces the student to the general field of Environmental Horticulture. The students will have the opportunity to learn through direct experiences through hands on learning at the Nathan Hale Urban Farm and gain insight into related careers, including agricultural research, farming, public service, greenhouse/nursery management, business and entrepreneurship, landscape design, and environmental science. 

    Intro to Interpretation/Translation
    Students will learn the fundamental career and professional skills of interpreting and translation. This course is for students who speak two languages (one of them must be English) and are interested in helping others communicate. The course introduces students to a wide variety of interesting careers requiring knowledge of more than one language and culture. Students will use the skills of a professional interpreter while learning about the ethics of translation and interpreting. 

    Intro to Maritime Vessel Operations
    This course blends modern and traditional seamanship skills. Hands-on learning in navigation, engine maintenance, and vessel handling, while exploring a range of in-demand maritime careers. 

    Intro to Medical Careers
    Participate in project-based learning, increasing your knowledge of the various fields of medical careers including nurse assisting, health science, and medical assisting.

    Intro to Molecular Biology Research Techniques
    Students interested in research but don’t have prior lab experience, this is for you!  Intro to Molecular Biology & Research Techniques is a course aimed at teaching high school students about basic techniques in molecular biology. Students will perform various techniques including gel electrophoresis, polymerase chain reaction, DNA purification, and other selected topics. 

    Intro Multimedia Broadcasting (radio)
    Learn about the various types of multi-media and how media can be used to reach a wide range of audiences. Learn about career opportunities.

    Intro to Teaching Academy/Careers in Education
    Through hands-on learning, this course will provide students an introduction to the many opportunities and career options in the education field, including childcare and teaching.

    Intro to Video Production
    Explore how artists communicate through a variety of digital formats! Students interested in film or animation production will create a short documentary in order to gain experience with creative software while learning 21st-century skills necessary for success in the industry.

    Introduction to Virtual Reality
    Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing technology with applications in several different fields. In this course, students will learn how to build their very own virtual reality worlds using HTML and the A-Frame JavaScript library. Students can view their VR creations on the computer, through phones, or through an Oculus Rift. Students will learn more about how Virtual Reality is being used in many professional applications and understand the multidisciplinary nature of this emerging technology.