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    Maritime Science and Technology

    Seattle is surrounded by water and careers in the maritime industry. Prepare for college, career, and the maritime environment in this program. Learn safety, tool identification and proper use, fastener installation, aluminum and titanium metal drilling, the use of composite materials in the maritime manufacturing industry, and gain valuable college and career skills. Geography, map skills, and boating are also essential in this program.

    Location: Rainier Beach High School (2016-17 program; 2015-16 was held at Ballard High School)

    Intro to Maritime Students in Action!

    Maritime tour

    Course Objectives:

    The student will be able to read and explain the publications and charts: Coast Pilot, Light List, NOAA Chart 1, Local Notice to Mariners, Aids to navigation, Navigation Equipment and Instruments. Explain basic Steering and Sailing Rules, Applicability, Responsibility, Definitions, conduct of Vessels and Lookout. Explain and/or identify Lights and Shapes, Visibility of Lights, Power Driven Vessels, Towing and Pushing, Sailing and Vessels Under Oars, Fishing Vessels, Vessels Not Under Command, Pilot Vessels, Anchored and Vessels Aground and Seaplanes and WIGs

    Explain and/or demonstrate the Standard: 4.9 Emergency Procedures, Vessel Safety and Lifesaving UPV requirements, safety and collision, Explain and show how to abandon ship and survival at sea, heavy weather situations, explain how to react to fire and explosion.

    Benefits/Certifications/Tech Prep:

    • 1.5 Occupational Ed credits OR 1.0 Occupational Ed credit + .5 Math credit
    • 2 semesters - 1.5 credits per semester
    • Industry Certification
    • Math Cross-Credit Available

    Pre-Requisites Recommended:

    • Year 1 none
    • Year 2 Skills Center Maritime Science & Technology Year 1


    • Math Cross-Credit Available

    Other Requirements:

    • Upon acceptance into the program, student and parent/guardian must participate
      in the Orientation/Interview at the Skills Center

    Program Supply List/Student Costs:

    • None

    Career Opportunities:

    • Entry-level maritime positions

    Summer School Opportunity: Intro to Maritime Science

    Explore how the successful maritime industry developed in Seattle, focusing on the Ballard area with regular field trips to various maritime-related industries.