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    Video Game Production: Design and Programming

    Ever wanted to have a career in the video game industry, film or animation? This is the program for you!

    Create animation and games! The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is a leading educator for Computer Game Development and 3D digital media. This college is a star of 3D animation, game design, and visual FX. This course is a great preparation for college and career. Learn sketching and storyboarding in 2D animation and concepts of 3D, learn skills necessary for a career in the animation and gaming industry.

    Digital Animation video!

    The above video shows some of the best foundational work that has been created by students attending AIE’s ‘Digital Animation and Game Design’ Skills Center program.

    Classes are held five afternoons a week, for two and a half hours each day, with students earning high school credits for attending.

    This break-through program is hosted by the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) for the Seattle Public Schools district. Juniors and seniors from any part of the Seattle Public Schools District may enroll – and sometimes sophomores who have a mature attitude and are over 16 years of age at the point of entry. Read more about the Academy of Interactive Entertainment on their website.

    This is a truly unique and groundbreaking program that introduces creative-minded students to the principles, tools, and concepts used in 2D and 3D animation, video game production & programming and interactive graphic novel creation. There is some focus on drawing within the program, although it is not necessary for students to draw well to be accepted.

    First Year

    Year 1 is concerned with learning industry-recognized foundational skills, using a number of traditional and digital approaches.

    Second Year

    Year 2 provides students with the opportunity to take those wide-ranging skills and create a film, video game or graphic novel project of their own making.

    Fusion AIE

    Course Objectives:

    Students learn sketching and storyboarding in 2D animation  and concepts of 3D, learn skills necessary for a career in animation, practice visualization imaging, film and video games, create concepts, design, model, texture, rig, light and animate game and film characters. Students develop games, while increasing their programming skills. The application of mathematical concepts will continue alongwith advanced skills implementation.

    Benefits/Certifications/Tech Prep:

    • 1.5 Occupational Ed credits OR 1.0 Occupational Ed credit + .5 Fine Arts credit
    • 2 semesters, 1.5 credits per semester
    • College Credit Available 
    • Fine Arts Cross-Credit Available

    Required Pre-Requisites:

    • Year 1
      • Art course or portfolio - For more information on portfolio requirements please contact Jane Hendrickson 
      • prefer mastery of Algebra 1
    • Year 2
      • Skills Center Digital Animation/Gaming Design Year 1 and
      • Mastery of Algebra 1 


    • Fine Arts Cross-Credit Available
    Career Opportunities:
    • Digital Animation and Gaming Design industry

    Summer School Opportunity: Cyber Camp at AIE

    Learn about digital art, animation, and gaming at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment! Get acquainted with C programming and create a simple video game in Unity.

    Location: Seattle Center Armory