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    Summer Skills Center Program

    The Summer Skills Center Program provides free Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses to Seattle Public Schools students entering 9th - 12th grade.

    Summer School Grades: Grades will be added to student's transcripts by the end of October 2019

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    2019 Schedule

    July 8 - August 2, 2019
    11:30 am to 4:15 pm
    Monday - Friday

    Repeating Programs

    You may not take a course you have already taken. If you took a course last summer, you may not take the same course this summer.

    Canceled/Combined Classes

    Classes and locations may be canceled or combined due to enrollment numbers. If your selected class/location is canceled or combined and moved to another location, you will be notified and given the opportunity to select another class if you choose.


    • Students are responsible for their own lunches.
    • However, snacks are provided every day for no charge.

    Absences & Tardies

    • Students may miss no more than 3 days, regardless of reason.
    • If a student has more than 3 absences, zero credit will be earned and an E grade will be recorded on the transcript.
    • Please note that frequent, excessive tardies may affect your grade which could result in zero credit.

    High school credit is awarded based on a student’s successful completion of an established number of hours of planned instructional activities defined by the district. (Board Policy 2420, 7/2/14) If a student misses excessive instructional hours due to frequent tardies or absences, the credit cannot be awarded.

    Grading & Credit

    • Upon completion with a passing grade, a student will receive 0.5 CTE (Occupational Education) credit.
    • Skills Center Summer Program courses may not be taken as Pass/No Credit courses unless a student's IEP or 504 Plan specifically calls for the student to be taking a course on a Pass/No Credit basis.
    • Skills Center Summer Program courses may not be taken for Teacher Assistant (TA) credit.