Continuous School Improvement Plan and School Profile

Skills Center CSIP

In Seattle Public Schools, we understand that a shared vision of practice is essential to fostering the learning communities that each of our students and adults needs to thrive. This shared vision enables educators to work in concert to build their practice with a focus on student learning and principles of targeted universalism, a strategic framework where targeted and differentiated efforts are required to meet the needs of specific student populations, so every student meets the universal goal.

Each school annually publishes a Continuous School Improvement Plan (or CSIP) to outline the goals for our school, our students, and our parents and families. The CSIP provides a clear summary of the steps we will take collaboratively to improve our educational practices in order to support the academic and social-emotional needs of our students.

Skills Center School Profile

The Seattle Skills Center is a free program that prepares Seattle Public Schools students for college, careers, and life.  We do this by providing advanced Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses that give students options to continue career-focused learning in four-year colleges, or earn post-secondary certification, or join the work force right out of high school.

Seattle Skills Center programs are located within Seattle Public Schools’ high schools and community-based sites throughout the city. 

We provide this training through our regular school year courses and our summer program.

Principal: Dan Golosman dpgolosman@seattleschools.org
Administrative Project Assistant: Angel Menchaca anmenchaca@seattleschools.org​
Registrar: Jennifer Toth jmtoth@seattleschools.org

CSIP and School Report