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Seattle Skills Center

Community Partnerships

Let’s Work Together

We’re always looking for new opportunities to support our students. If you represent a local business, industry, or other entity, please contact us to explore how we might collaborate to create learning or work opportunities for Seattle students.

Examples of support from business and industry may include:

  • Hosting student internship opportunities
  • Providing instructors for Skills Center courses
  • Providing equipment or a site for hosting a course or course activities
  • Setting up a hiring/interview process for Skills Center students

Entrepreneurs Wanted!

Above are just a few examples of potential collaboration, but if you have other ideas, we’re willing to think outside the box with you!

To discuss student internship opportunities please contact:

Karina Luboff
CTE Internships and Career Connected Learning Coordinator

Constrution Trades

For all other inquiries, please contact:

Dan Golosman
Seattle Skills Center

Jennifer Toth
Seattle Skills Center
Administrative Secretary and Registrar