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~ Attendance, Skills Center

Chinen, Starlie

Teaching Academy and Education Careers Teacher

Hello! I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii before attending Occidental College. After receiving my BA in Physics, I obtained a MA in Teaching Secondary Mathematics. I was a high school math teacher in Los Angeles and a middle school environmental sustainability teacher before moving to Seattle to pursue a PhD in Math Education. As I completed my doctoral studies, I worked in various roles in teacher education at the University of Washington. Now I’m back in the classroom excited to support future educators!

Automotive Tech Teacher, Seattle Skills Center

Fino-Fugate, Gabe

Automotive Technology Teacher

Originally from West Texas, I have lived in Seattle off and on since 2008. In 2010, I received my Masters of Social Work from the University of Washington, met my partner, and moved back to Texas to work at various non-profits. During that time, my 1996 Ford Ranger started breaking down and I couldn’t afford repairs. As a kid, I was never interested in learning how to work on cars. Out of necessity, I started working on my own. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned, but the biggest takeaway was that I loved working on cars.

I received my Associates in Automotive Technology from Austin Community College in 2015 and moved back to Seattle. In Seattle, I started my automotive career working at an independent shop that looks at the automotive industry through an anti-racist and feminist lens. There, I teach community workshops, train new techs and service advisors, and am helping to build a non-profit. In November 2023, I started working part-time with Seattle Public Schools in the automotive program and have been loving it! I look forward to continuing to teach my students and learn from my students!

In my spare time, I love doing house projects with my partner, taking our sweet Boxer/Pit mix named Dolly Parton on walks, chilling with the cats, learning different musical instruments, supporting various local artists, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, scuba diving, and watching TV.

Reed Forrester

Forrester, Reed

Media Arts Teacher (he/him)

I was raised in the middle of WA state, near Snoqualmie Pass but I’ve lived in Seattle for the past 30 years. I graduated college with a degree in Spanish and went on to build a career as a graphic designer. I run my own graphic design business ( in addition to teaching. I am dad to a terrific, creative, energetic eight year old kiddo. I started teaching five years ago, and I have really enjoyed developing my teaching muscles and getting to know a bunch of amazing students.

Golosman, Daniel


Greaves, Jack

F.I.T.E. Firefighting and EMS Program
Headshot of Noel Haddrell-Craig, Seattle Skills Center Instructional Assistant

Haddrell-Craig, Noel

Instructional Assistant

Hayes, Marlon

Video Game Design Teacher

Let me introduce myself, My name is Mr. Hayes and I were born and raised in Memphis, Tn. My family and I moved here last summer from Houston, Tx. I love football, basketball, photography and family time. But, what I'm most passionate with is Art of all kinds, from still life to interactive graphics. I am very happy to be a part of Seattle Skilled Community and look forward in teaching and learning from the next future Artist of America.

Image of construction teacher for Seattle Skills Center

Kinsella, Dinny

Construction Trades Teacher

Luboff, Karina

Career Connected Learning CTE Teacher

I enjoy helping students explore and envision different future options for careers and post-secondary education. Students and alumni please feel free to email me for career search questions and assistance.

Melander, Scott

Maritime Operations Teacher

I attended Renton High School and Western Washington University with a degree in Political Science. The outdoor program at Western was my second “degree” and I loved sailing/boating.

I spent 27 years in Hawaii where I was a sailing coach and I obtained my US Coast Guard license. I’m happy to back in Seattle with the maritime program in the Seattle Skills Center.

Pinera, Virginia

Nursing Assistant Teacher
David Robideau Jr.

Robideau, Jr., David

Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace and Maritme Instructor

Initially from Connecticut, I joined the US Navy and came to Seattle, I fell in love with the area ( and my wife ) and stayed here to work in aerospace. I have had the opportunity to work as an aerospace machinist with everyone in the area from Space X to Blue Origin and Boeing, as well as many of their local suppliers. I have also spent time in the shipyards of the PNW and California, building and repairing both commercial and cargo carrying vessels as well as combatant ships for the US Navy. I am happy to be here with the Skills Center to share my experiences with the students and hopefully spark interest in a new generation of tradespeople.

Standley, Aliec

Health Science Medical Assisting @ Admin Medical Assisting Instructor

My name is Aliec N. Standley.  I earned a Master’s Degree in Education from Antioch University in Seattle, WA in 2004.  I also attended the Evergreen State College earning my Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree in 2002.  I worked in the medical profession as a Medical Assistant, Lab Assistant/Phlebotomist and Emergency Medical Technician-BLS.  I began teaching medical assistant courses in 1998 at Bryman College and have continued teaching allied health courses and programs.  I have worked in general practice, oncology, general surgery, plasma donation centers and inpatient/outpatient labs. I was born and raised in Tacoma, WA (I know, rare right?). I enjoy sewing, crafting and DIY.  I love to read fiction novels, biographies and fashion/sewing magazines. I have 16 year old twins (boy/girl) and 2 adult children. I believe in student-centered learning and feel that students should participate in the over-all learning process

Carmin Thomas

Thomas, Carmin

Auto Technology Teacher @ West Seattle High School
Jennifer Toth

Toth, Jennifer

Administrative Secretary/Registrar (also Attendance/Accounting), Homeless Program/McKinney Vento Program Building contact

I was born and raised in Seattle. I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Political Science and a Paralegal Certification. I worked as a Paralegal for 11 years until I became a mom.

I  have worked with Seattle Public Schools for approximately 20 year beginning at Schmitz Park Elementary/Genesee Hill Elementary until joining the Seattle Skills Center.  I have been with the Skills Center for 4 years.

York, Kat

Engagement Coordinator