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2024 Summer Schedule

The summer application will be opening mid to late April 2024. Fill out our Summer Interest Form to be the first to know when our application opens up. View past summer classes below!

2024 Class Schedule

Our standard class schedule for summer will be 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, July 9, 2024 through July 30, 2024, with 1 hour and 45 minutes of remote work each day from 7:45AM – 9:30AM.  Exceptions to specific classes will be noted below once our summer schedule is finalized. There will be no fully remote Skills Center options this summer.

Priority registration will be given to students in 11th grade who are in need of CTE credit for graduation for the first several days that the application is open.

Student Requirements and Summer Course Information 2023

Summer Skills Center Requirements

  • Only students of Seattle Public Schools can enroll in Skills Center courses.
  • Summer courses are open to incoming 9th – 12th graders.
  • Student must have attended a Seattle Public School during the 2023-24 School year to be eligible for the Summer 2023 programs. Students are not eligible for a summer program for 2023-24 school year as new students to SPS for 2024-25 attendance.

Repeating Programs

You may not take a course you have already taken. If you took a course last summer, you may not take the same course this summer.

Canceled/Combined Classes

Classes and locations may be canceled or combined due to enrollment numbers. If your selected class/location is canceled or combined and moved to another location, you will be notified and given the opportunity to select another class if you choose.

Grading & Credit

  • Upon completion with a passing grade, a student will receive 0.5 CTE (Career and Technical Education) credit.
  • Skills Center Summer Program courses may not be taken as Pass/No Credit courses unless a student’s IEP or 504 Plan specifically calls for the student to be taking a course on a Pass/No Credit basis.
  • Skills Center Summer Program courses may not be taken for Teacher Assistant (TA) credit.
  • Students may not be absent for more than three (3) days, regardless of reason. The Seattle Skills Center expectation is that all of our students engage every day of their summer Skills Center class in the in-person portion as well as the asynchronous work. Not participating, not attending, or not engaging in class or in assignments could result in your student earning a low grade on their transcript and/or not getting their CTE credit for the summer and may result in being withdrawn from the course. The Skills Center summer program will follow the district grading policy for the 2023-24 school year.

Course Descriptions

Summer Skills Center classes are introductory versions of what we typically offer during the school year.  Transportation is not provided. Snacks and snack breaks are provided, but not lunch (with the exception of the maritime class aboard the Adventuress). 

Courses offered in Summer 2024

Family Health

Family Health, Franklin HS and Roosevelt HS, July 9 to July 30

Family Health is a .5 credit class that will focus on making choices for a healthy lifestyle. It is designed to help prepare students for life-long problem solving, critical thinking and management skills related to health and wellness issues impacting individuals and families. Topics include wellness, CPR/AED training, fitness and nutrition, mental health, substance abuse, relationships, human sexuality, and other current health and wellness issues. Students will be expected to apply practical health information to their everyday lives. Students will receive their CPR/AED certification upon completion.

Family Health is intended for students in upper grades who are in need of CTE credit and/or need to meet the Health requirement. This class is only open to students going into 12th, 11th, and 10th grades. They will be prioritized in this order.

Career Choices

Career Choices and Skilled Trades Sampler, Washington MS, Skills Center Building, 2200 Lane St S, July 9 to July 30

Career Choices is a life skills class where students learn about leadership, gain intergenerational knowledge, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. This course partners with community educators teach the students in their various areas of expertise. Students in this class learn important career and life planning skills from community members and get to sample trades including Automotive, Firefighting, and Maritime Manufacturing and Vessel Operations. Students leave with solid financial planning skills and a survey of family-wage careers around the Puget Sound area.

Construction Trades

Intro to Construction Trades, Chief Sealth HS, July 9 to July 30

This introductory course covers both residential and commercial construction with an emphasis on job site safety and learning to use the tools of carpentry. Students will focus on employability skills, problem-solving, trainability, team building, and will work on a tiny house for the homeless. 

Culinary Arts

Intro to Culinary Arts, Roosevelt HS, July 9 to July 30

This course covers both residential and commercial construction with an emphasis on job site safety and Learn various cooking techniques during hands-on food production labs.

Dental Assisting

Intro to Dental Assisting, Seattle Central College Health Education Center, 1200 12th Ave S, July 9 to July 30

Explore how the high-wage, high-demand profession of Dental Assisting helps patients maintain healthy teeth. In this introductory course you will learn how to identify teeth, use dental instruments for basic dental procedures, take vital signs, and learn about the world of dentistry. This fast-paced class includes field-trips, on-site tours, and hands-on experiences


Intro to Careers in Education, Franklin HS July 9 to July 30

This course allows students to explore the world and work of teaching and the field of education.  Through hands-on learning, students gain experience working in various educational settings and prepare for success in post-secondary programs in education.


Intro to Engineering, Roosevelt HS, July 9 to July 30

This class is a hands-on opportunity for students to explore problem solving skills related to engineering. Students work from sketching simple geometric shapes to applying solid modeling using a computer software package.


Intro to Manufacturing, Wood Technology Center, 2310 S Lane St, July 9 to July 30

Seattle is home to major employers in aerospace and maritime manufacturing. During this summer course, students explore key manufacturing skills used across shipyards and aerospace yards. Students learn how to safely handle and identify tools and get hands-on experiences welding and constructing.


Intro to Maritime Vessel Operations at Seattle Maritime Academy, 4455 Shilshole Ave NW,  July 9 – July 30 (this course is NOT aboard the schooner Adventuress)

This course blends modern and traditional seafaring skills. Students engage in hands-on learning in navigation, engine maintenance, knots, and vessel handling, while exploring a range of in-demand maritime careers. Students will spend time each week on the water in small or large vessels, and some field trips will be done via walking or boating to local maritime industries.

Intro to Maritime Vessel Operations Aboard the Historic Schooner Adventuress, 7001 Seaview Ave NW, July 15 to July 26 (OVERNIGHT COURSE)

This maritime course is similar in content to our class at Seattle Maritime Academy, but it’s aboard a historic two-masted wooden sailing vessel, and includes some overnights.  Students will learn a blend of modern and traditional seafaring skills, like computer-based navigation as well as “marlinspike” skills. The Skills Center is contracting with Sound Experience to run this course, and they have COVID health and safety requirements, including proof of full vaccination for all participants, and may require masking aboard their ship.

Schedule aboard the schooner Adventuress:

Week 1:  Day programs July  15 – July 18, Monday through Thursday, 9:00am to 3:30pm Sound Experience, aboard the schooner Adventuress (located at Shilshole Marina). Lunch and snack are provided.

Week 2: Overnight program July 22-26, Monday starting at 9:00am through Friday ending at 3:30pm. All meals are provided for the overnight portions of the class.

While this course spans only two weeks, student will still have the opportunity to earn the 0.5 CTE credit due to longer learning days, especially during the overnight portions of the course. The ship will be travelling around the Salish Sea, so it will not be possible to join this portion late or leave early. Students will also be able to earn a “Tall Ship Badge” and may be able to earn sea time. All meals are provided for the overnight portion.

Media Arts

Intro to Media Arts, Roosevelt HS and Chief Sealth HS, July 9 to July 30

In this course, students will gain a wide variety of digital media production skills and begin developing their own Media Arts portfolio. Students may learn the principles of photography, graphic design, website design, animation, audio production, and video production with an emphasis on real-world projects.

Medical Careers

Intro to Medical Careers, Lincoln HS and Franklin HS, July 9 to July 30

Participate in a blend of independent, group, and hands-on learning, increasing your knowledge of the various fields of medical careers including nurse assisting, health science, and medical assisting.

Multimedia Broadcasting

Intro to Multimedia Broadcasting (radio), Nathan Hale HS, July 9 to July 30   

Intro to Multimedia Broadcasting centers around media content creation with an emphasis on broadcast radio and podcasting.  Learn how to make audio stories using industry-standard recording and production tools.  Master the lifelong skill of thinking critically about the media you see and hear every day.  Discover how a broadcast radio station operates and explore basic media law and ethics.  By the end of the course, students will have the necessary skills to become a volunteer at C89.5 FM radio station and be capable of creating their own digital media content.

Video Game Design

Intro to Video Game Design, Franklin HS, July 9 to July 30

Learn about digital art, animation, and gaming. Get acquainted with programming and create a simple video game in Unity. Students will learn about 2D animation, C# Programming, and Video Game Design.

Worksite Learning

Various Locations, Various Dates

Do you have a summer job? Did you know that you can earn 0.5 CTE credit for time spent working over the summer? Learn more about about how to earn credit for work on our Learning at Work page!