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2022 Summer Schedule

* Update: 

Seattle Public Schools has a goal of making all summer programs available at the same time.  Therefore, the Skills Center Summer Applications should be available by the end of May .

Our tentative class schedule for summer will be 10:30AM to 3:00PM Monday through Friday, July 7, 2022 through August 3, 2022.  There will be no fully remote Skills center options this summer.

Priority will be given to students in 11th grade who are in need of CTE credit for graduation.

Summer Course Information

Summer Skills Center Requirements

  • Only students of Seattle Public Schools can enroll in Skills Center courses.
  • Summer courses are open to incoming 9th – 12th graders.

Repeating Programs

You may not take a course you have already taken. If you took a course last summer, you may not take the same course this summer.

Canceled/Combined Classes

Classes and locations may be canceled or combined due to enrollment numbers. If your selected class/location is canceled or combined and moved to another location, you will be notified and given the opportunity to select another class if you choose.

Grading & Credit

  • Upon completion with a passing grade, a student will receive 0.5 CTE (Occupational Education) credit.
  • Skills Center Summer Program courses may not be taken as Pass/No Credit courses unless a student’s IEP or 504 Plan specifically calls for the student to be taking a course on a Pass/No Credit basis.
  • Skills Center Summer Program courses may not be taken for Teacher Assistant (TA) credit.

Course Descriptions

Exploring Computer Science

Exploring Computer Science will develop the computer science skills of algorithm development, problem solving, and programming. Students will also be introduced to topics such as interface design, limits of computers and societal and ethical issues of software engineering. This course is designed for students interested in computing careers and is a broad introduction to computer science. There are five content areas in the Exploring Computer Science curriculum: Human Interface Interaction; Problem Solving; Web Design; Introduction to Programming; and Robotics. Students will learn what programmers and computer scientists do and how technologists think.

Family Health

Family Health is a .5 credit class that will focus on making choices for a healthy lifestyle. It is designed to help prepare students for life-long problem solving, critical thinking and management skills related to health and wellness issues impacting individuals and families. Topics include wellness, CPR/AED training, fitness and nutrition, mental health, substance abuse, relationships, human sexuality, and other current health and wellness issues. Students will be expected to apply practical health information to their everyday lives. Students will receive their CPR/AED certification upon completion.

Intro to Automotive Technology

Learn basic vehicle maintenance and safety requirements in the automotive industry. Students will participate in hands-on learning, field trips, and guest speakers from related industries.

Intro to Computer Animation (Cyber Camp)

Learn about digital art, animation, and gaming at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment! Get acquainted with C programming and create a simple video game in Unity. Students will learn about Game development (3D modeling, C# programming and 3D animation).

Intro to Construction Trades

This course covers both residential and commercial construction with an emphasis on job site safety. Students will focus on employability skills, problem-solving, trainability, team building, and will work on a tiny house for the homeless.

Intro to Culinary Arts

Learn various cooking techniques during hands-on food production labs. Increase your knowledge of the culinary industry, learning about various occupations within this broad area.

Intro to Engineering

Prepare for a hands-on opportunity for students to explore problem-solving skills. Students work from sketching simple geometric shapes to applying a solid modeling computer software package.

Intro to Firefighting and Emergency Medical Services

This course introduces students to careers as firefighters and other emergency services careers. It includes instruction in firefighting equipment operation and maintenance, and principles of fire science.

Intro to Graphic Arts

This course serves as a fusion between technical skill and graphic mastery. Students will learn how to use the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign) effectively and learn to apply the principles of graphic design to a variety of print-based graphic design projects. 

Intro to Maritime Vessel Operations

This course blends modern and traditional seamanship skills. Hands-on learning in navigation, engine maintenance, and vessel handling, while exploring a range of in-demand maritime careers. 

Intro to Medical Careers

Participate in project-based learning, increasing your knowledge of the various fields of medical careers including nurse assisting, health science, and medical assisting.

Intro Multimedia Broadcasting (radio)    

Intro to Multimedia Broadcasting centers around media content creation with an emphasis on broadcast radio and podcasting.  Learn how to make audio stories using industry-standard recording and production tools.  Master the lifelong skill of thinking critically about the media you see and hear every day.  Discover how a broadcast radio station operates and explore basic media law and ethics.  By the end of the course, students will have the necessary skills to become a volunteer at C89.5 FM and be capable of creating their own digital media content.

Intro to Teaching Academy/Careers in Education

This class introduces students to a variety of careers in the field of education, from preschool, K-12 teaching, to specialty areas, such as bilingual or special education. Students will gain an introductory understanding of foundational concepts related to childhood development, culturally responsive teaching, and historical turning points that have shaped where we are today. Through class discussions, multimedia, speakers, and hands-on assignments, students will have multiple opportunities to take ownership of their own learning, and get clarity and direction about how to pursue a career in education or related field.

Intro to Video Production

Explore how artists communicate through a variety of digital formats! Students interested in film or animation production will create a short documentary in order to gain experience with creative software while learning 21st-century skills necessary for success in the industry.

Introduction to Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing technology with applications in several different fields. This course introduces students to high-level computers science concepts and creative design approaches while they learn how to use immersive technologies. Students will learn product design theory, programming concepts and product management skills while using industry-specific software to create small projects. 


Summer 2022 Applications will be available later this spring.

Once you press “submit,” your application is complete, but you are not yet registered for your class.

Please watch for emails regarding your application. You will receive an email in a few days informing you if you have been enrolled in your course or if you are on a waitlist.

If you are enrolled in a course, you will need to confirm by clicking on a link in the email you received, and following those instructions.