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School Year Dates

School Year Calendars

Will strike days have to be made up? All the days missed due to a delay in school will need to be made up during the year or after the scheduled end of the school year. Students need to meet the state requirement of 180 instructional days. A new school calendar will need to be negotiated, approved by SEA and SPS, and approved by the School Board.

View start and end times for all schools. All schools have a 75-minute early release on Wednesdays, except the first day of school.

Key Dates 2022-23

All dates for next school year

August 15 – 19  Jump Start for new kindergarten students (offered at most elementary and K-8 schools). Read more about Jump Start and view the schools that are participating

September 14 First day of school for all students. Sept. 14 is not an early release Wednesday. Early release will occur every Wednesday except the first week of school. Read more about the start of school delay.

  • September 7 First day of school for 1st – 12th grade students was delayed.
  • September 7 – 9 Family Connections Meetings. Read more about Family Connections
  • September 12 First day of school for kindergarten, all preschool students was delayed.

October 14 State In-service Day (no school) 

November 11 Veterans Day (no school) 

November 21 – 23 Elementary conference days (no school for elementary and K-8 students; varies by school)  

November 24 – 25 Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Day (no school)  

December 16 1-hour early dismissal  

December 19 – 30, 2022 Winter break (no school) 

January 2, 2023 New Year’s Day Observed (no school)  

January 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school) 

February 2 Day Between Semesters. Potential snow makeup date (1 of 3) 

February 20 – 24 Mid-winter break including Presidents Day (no school) 

April 10 – 14 Spring break (no school) 

May 29 Memorial Day (no school) 

June 19  Juneteenth (no school) 

June 20 – 26 Graduations; View the 2022-23 graduation ceremony schedule.

June 26, 2023 Last day of school (1-hour early dismissal). Potential snow makeup dates June 27 and 28. 

Approval and Planning School Year Dates

At the regular School Board meeting on February 10, 2021, the School Board voted to approve the district calendars for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years.

The school calendar is developed collaboratively with SEA and the dates are agreed upon in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The formula to schedule key dates in the CBA states that the first day of school will be the first Wednesday of September.

The key dates formula was originally bargained in the 2015-18 CBA as a tool for staff and families so there would be consistency around calendars and dates weren’t arbitrarily set.

During the 2019 bargaining period, multiple joint workgroups between SPS and SEA were established, with one specifically organized to address inclusive considerations related to religious and cultural observations and practices. This workgroup developed supplemental materials and guidance to go along with the traditional school year calendar.

While not all religious/cultural events can be accommodated for, this guidance was created to serve as a reference for schools, families, and communities to be aware of potential schedule conflicts and excused absences and/or to make appropriate accommodations and supports for students and families on days of religious/cultural observances.

The religious and cultural observances identified in both the 2021-22 and 2022-23 Religion and Religious Accommodations documents, also highlights observances and traditions which involve fasting, which may have an impact on students’ abilities to perform at their highest level or be a reason for an absence from class.

Key Dates in the CBA

The below dates were negotiated as a part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

  • First day of school: The first Wednesday in September.
  • State In-service Day: As recognized by the state and typically the second Friday in October.
  • Winter break: At least 10 weekdays, ending after New Year’s Day. If New Year’s Day falls or is observed on a Monday, students will return to school on the next day (Tuesday).
  • Mid-winter break: Presidents’ Day and the following four workdays.
  • Spring break: Five days starting the second Monday in April.
  • Snow make-up days: At least three snow days shall be scheduled, including the day between semesters, and the first two days following the last day of school in June. Additional snow make-up days may be added in June if necessary
  • Holidays:
    • Labor Day (when school begins before this day in September)
    • Veterans Day (November)
    • Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving (November)
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January)
    • Presidents’ Day (February)
    • Memorial Day (May)
  • Contractual Days: The four days immediately preceding the start of school, except for the Friday before Labor Day
  • Conferences: Three consecutive days for conferences immediately preceding Thanksgiving Day